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Please note! Room height is required.

FITPOLE CUSTOM SPIN is a custom-made one-piece (seamless) 100% Finnish dance pole. You can order an adjustable pole from us according to the dimensions you want.

Colors white and black. You can set the adjustment margin of approx. 15 cm yourself, i.e. the rod works if you want, e.g. in a room with a height of 240 cm - 255 cm. In this case, the room height is indicated as 240 cm. Please note that the bar does not shorten, but adjusts upwards from the indicated height with the spiral bar. The best result is achieved when you indicate the correct ceiling height. The maximum height of the bar is 300 cm. In the highest facilities, contact by e-mail at:

Fitpole Custom dance pole is 100% Finnish work. The bar is made of strong steel and painted with special paints to make it wear-resistant and very durable. Thanks to the adjustable fastening mechanism, the bar is easy to install and remove. The rod is tightened only by tightening one nut. The outer diameter of the bar is 42mm this 48mm. The product has a one-year warranty (excluding the paint finish). The delivery of the product takes approx. 2 weeks because it is always made to order.